Our Process

We work with builders and homeowners to design and refine plans for home cabinetry. Here’s how the process typically works:

Step 1: Design
We start with the design process, taking the drawings from your house plans and discussing your ideas and tastes. We take several elements into consideration, such as door style, wood species, and stain or finish. Flooring and counter-top selection should also be considered in as you choose the finish for your cabinetry.

Another important element in the design is your appliances. The dimensions of the appliances will need to be factored into the design of the cabinetry, and we would request the appliance specifications. If you have pictures from magazines or other sources that depict the cabinetry or a piece of furniture that has the look you want, we can work from those concepts as well. Based on the information we receive, we then provide drawings and a preliminary cost proposal. Often, we offer more than one option with features that are interchangeable for the homeowner to review.

From there, we begin refining the drawings until you are satisfied that the cabinetry concept is unique and feels right. If budget is a concern, we will do our best to offer alternatives to help you achieve the desired look and meet your needs.

Since we build custom cabinetry, we can make the most of the space that you have. We are not limited to the restrictions of stock cabinets. This is especially true with remodeling projects. One of Mark’s specialties is taking a space that may not be utilized to its full potential and turning it into found storage that is unique and usable.

Step 2: Estimate
Once a final drawing has been determined, we will submit a written cost proposal. Often, we offer the proposal with options, such different wood species or door styles. This gives you further variables and information to make a knowledgeable decision about your cabinetry, taking your budget into consideration.

Step 3: Hiring Madison County Cabinetry
Once you have decided on final drawings and the options available, we require a 50% deposit to begin the work. The remaining balance is due upon the delivery of your cabinetry.

Step 4: Manufacturing
Prior to constructing your cabinets, an on-site visit will be made to verify the measurements. Drawings are either given to your builder or placed in each room of the home so that other subcontractors, such as the plumbers and electricians, can ascertain the installation of their components.

We construct and finish the cabinetry locally in our shop. The hand-wiped stain and finish are applied prior to assembly for a superior end result. Other options are available, such as paint, pigmented finish, distressing and glazing.

Our cabinet boxes are constructed with plywood with a clear birch interior, with hardwood nosing on birch plywood shelving. Our drawers are dovetailed, and hidden drawer glides also come with options, such as self-closing and soft-touch closing.

We do request that the homeowner choose their own door and drawer hardware.  There are many different styles with a wide price range.

Step 5: Installation
Installation is available. We are more than happy to install the cabinets; however, many builders prefer to have their own crew do the installation. Either way, we work with you, the customer, and and your builder, if applicable, to ensure the cabinetry is installed to your satisfaction.

Step 6: Satisfaction
It is important that your custom cabinets are of high quality and superior craftsmanship that meets or exceeds your expectations. We encourage you to do a “walk through,” and if for any reason you have concerns, we would request that you contact us immediately so that we can address any issue.